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LENORMAND ORACLE by Alexander Daniloff 2019 (36 + 3 karet)

LENORMAND ORACLE by Alexander Daniloff 2019 (36 + 3 karet)

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand was a famous fortune-teller in Napoleonic-era France. After her death in 1843, European games manufacturers capitalised on her fame by using her name to promote new card games such as this, the Lenormand Oracle.

The Lenormand Oracle is a set of 36 cards, each containing simple imagery, a playing card reference, the card s number, its title and sometimes a poem or aphorism.

Alexander Daniloff s Lenormand has 40 cards (the standard 36, plus another Lord and Lady card, a blank and the card with the Limited Edition details).

The playing card references appear as flags or court card image inserts. The card s number and name are also provided, in English. The additional Lord and Lady cards allow the reader to make a wider and more inclusive range of relationship pairings.

The leaflet will merely provide you with the first steps on your Lenormand journey – there are many wonderful resources which are available in many languages that will help you develop your skills and provide nuanced and useful readings.

Standard bridge-size: 57 x 89 mm (2.25" x 3.5")

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