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Illumination (Audio CD)

Illumination (Audio CD)

NWM = New World Music
Reiki Harmony - New Earth Records, 2006
New Earth Records, 2005
De Profundis: Out of the Depths II -
A Time for Peace, New Earth Records, 2003
Earth Spirit ReIssue, NWM, 2003 (new cover and liner notes)
Angel - TO Music, 2002 (Remaster, new cover)
Australia, Waking the Spirit - NWM, 2002 (Remaster, new cover, album notes, and bonus track)
Turning Point - New Earth Records, 2002
Zen - NWM, 2001 (Remaster, new cover and liner notes)
In the Presence of Light (remastered) -TO Music, 2001
Reflections The Best of Terry Oldfield 1985-1995-NWM, 2000
Across the Universe-NWM, 2000
Music for Wildlife-Bruton Music, 2000*
Spirit of the World-NWM, 2000
All the Rivers Gold-NWM, 1999
South East Asia-Bruton Music, 1997*
Theme for the Telford Time Machine-Carlin Music, 1996
Spirit of India-NWM, 1996
Earth Spirit-NWM, 1995
Icon-NWM, 1995
Australia-NWM, 1994 (Original Out of Print. Remastered version below)
Spirit of Tibet-NWM, 1994
Out of the Depths-NWM, 1993
Spirit of Africa-NWM, 1993
Illumination-NWM, 1992
Spiral Waves-Voiceprint Records, 1992
Zen-NWM, 1991 (Original Out of Print. Remastered version below)
Spirit of the Rainforest-NWM, 1990
Angel-NWM, 1990 (Original Out of Print. Remastered version below)
Star of Heaven-NWM, 1989
Resonance-NWM, 1988
Return to Treasure Island-HTV Records, 1987
In the Presence of Light-NWM, 1987
Reverence-NWM, 1986
Cascade-NWM, 1986
In Search of the Trojan Wars-BBC Records, 1982
Sunshine Holidays-Bruton Music, 1983*
Are there any particular meditation techniques/practices that you employ to help you with your music?
To a musician, silence is often as important as sound, how important is meditation to you in relation to being in the world and how does it help with your work as a composer (and as an improviser)?
Where do you see the musical new age going?
Not at all. I feel I have found a new direction with writing songs. The rhythms are of course a part of it but I am not trying to be anything-just going with the flow.
Your latest release includes some excellent remixes with some strong rhythms, is this indicative of a new, more percussion led direction in your music?
I just play until something happens that feels right - usually on the flute, just improvising. This makes me feel peaceful and then I can find something there. Music for TV is different because I am looking to an image on a screen for inspiration and it usually comes from either that direct response or from the people involved who tell me which emotion the film or sequence needs. It is much more of a head thing.
What approach works best for you when composing? Does this approach differ when you are writing for say TV as opposed to an album?
I sincerely hope so and I know that it can heal in the sense that it calms the mind and allows healing to take place through the peace that it creates.
Your music is listened to the world over by people from all walks of life and paths; do you believe music is an underestimated transformative medium when it comes to global healing?
I do now feel that I could live almost anywhere although the atmosphere of my childhood landscape will always exert an influence on my soul. But I am certainly a global citizen although I shy away from places like Ethiopia and Iraq because they quite honestly scare me because I feel helpless in the presence of so much raw suffering.
Your music draws influence and inspiration from many cultures, do you see yourself as a global citizen? And if so has this been influenced by your early travels?
My own personal dissatisfaction with the more acceptable viewpoints of reality has enabled me to write music that other people in like position can relate to. By going into this malaise I discover a longing that expresses itself beautifully through music because it cuts through the very thing that creates the problem - the process of thinking.
You talk quite openly on your website about yourself and your life and you seem very clear about what is important to you. Do you think that music has helped you to find this clarity and a connection to spirit? Or has it been the other way round?
I suppose it just means anything that belongs to the growing and sometimes fashionable search for an inner meaning to life, which includes the areas of relaxation-therapy-self help etc.---anything that: I try not to classify my music-other people do that for me very well.
Your music is often classified as New Age, what does that term mean to you and how would you classify your music?
Religion for me as a child was just another tedious subject at school, one that had a rather boring practical side, keeping me away from the important things like football and fishing. It was only when I came up against some of the unanswerable questions in life that the "Spiritual" quest began. I think all religion is an attempt to explain the mystery that is life. The rational mind (the problem solver) -ego- cannot bear the inexplicable. I have read all the books - mystical, practical, esoteric, etc. and done a good many courses, retreats, etc. and it has always slowly but surely led me back time and again to this point, this living moment in time that contains the eternal that these religions profess to seek.
Traveling was my saving grace as it led me to experience the great diversity of life on this planet. It was during a stay on the island of Hydra in Greece that I discovered the flute for the first time. I also drifted into Australia when I was 19 and so began a relationship with the place that has finally drawn me to live and work there downunder.
I think I was fairly happily immersed in life by the time I was 12 years old and it came as a tremendous shock to suddenly find myself sent away from my friends and family to board at what can only be described as an open prison. It was actually a Public School and this was to be the bane of my life for the next four years. I was so unhappy that all my writing books were full of days crossed off, as each one laid the way open to a future when I would be free. This freedom was called the School Holidays. To this day I cannot for the life of me see how my frequent cries for help were never heard. Each time I ran away from school I was taken back in disgrace as though I had made some dreadful error of judgment. There were of course some there who were perfectly happy to be controlled and herded about like sheep but I could never understand them. Anyway eventually someone got the message and I was given my freedom.
BIOGRAPHY and INTERVIEW (as the author puts it):
Labrynth - 2007
Reiki Harmony - 2006
Ethereal - 2005
De Profundis / Out of the Depths II - 2005
Celt - 2004
Yoga Harmony - 2004
A Time for Peace - 2003
Turning Point 2002
Spirit of the World - 2000
Across the Universe - 2000
Reflections - The Best of Terry Oldfield 1985-1995 - 2000
Music for Wildlife - 2000
All The Rivers Gold - 1999
South East Asia - 1997
Spirit of India - 1996
Theme for the Telford Time Machine - 1996
Icon - 1995
Earth Spirit - 1995
Spirit of Tibet - 1994
Australia - 1994
Spirit of Africa - 1993
Out of the Depths - 1993
Spiral Waves - 1992
Illumination - 1992
Zen - 1991
Angel - 1990
Spirit of the Rainforest - 1990
Star of Heaven - 1989
Resonance - 1988
In the Presence of Light - 1987
Return to Treasure Island - 1987
Reverence - 1986
Cascade - 1986
Sunshine Holidays - 1983
In Search of the Trojan War - 1982
In 2001, Terry Oldfield moved to Australia.
Terry, his brother Mike and his sister Sally all completed the Exegesis Programme Large Group Awareness Training course. Terry recorded a piece of flute music which was used to accompany the last section of the course.
Terry and his siblings were raised in the Roman Catholic faith of their mother, Maureen. Terry Oldfield was born in London, England and spent his childhood partly in Dublin and partly in Reading, Berkshire. He later attended a Benedictine Monastery School. His earliest musical experiences were in the myriad of folk clubs spring-up around the UK in the late 60s and early 70s, listening to the songs of Leonard Cohen, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Bob Dylan.
is an English composer. He is brother to well-known music composers and performers Sally and Mike Oldfield.
Terence "Terry" Oldfield (born 12 August 1949)
O autorovi (anglicky):
Skladba č.4 Celtic Blessing 15:09
Skladba č.3 Dyfuna 15:16
Skladba č.2 Mya Vin Rys 16:11
Skladba č.1 Illumination 12:13
Total time 58:50 min
Hudba Terryho Oldfielda je známá z filmů a televize. Jeho hudba vychází z kořenů keltské tradice. Byl vyznamenán několika prestižními cenami.

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