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Lara Croft The Tomb Raider Legend 12 inch Figure

Lara Croft The Tomb Raider Legend 12 inch Figure

Soška Lara Croft vytvořená podle filmové předlohy the Tomb Raider film vycházející z řady Legend 12 inch Figure collection je vysoká cca 30,5 cm s detailním zpracováním.

After the death of her mother, Lara Croft was raised and mentored by her archaeologist father, Britain s Earl of Abbington. The disappearance of Lara s father and legal battle over his estate that followed left her the Countess of Abbington.

Carrying on in her father s footsteps, Lara travels the world seeking ancient artifacts and historical sites, but not without receiving criticism in the archeological community. Though some scholars think Lara s methods brash and reckless, her findings have lead to discoveries of great historical significance. Her agility and strength give her the skill to collect well-hidden priceless artifacts while her beauty and high-society upbringing gain her many admirers.

Tomb Raider: Legend was the first game in the Tomb Raider series to be developed in the U.S. by Crystal Dynamic. Lara was brought to new life with improved graphics and intricately animated moves and abilities.

Tomb Raider: Legend took Lara back to the tomb and shed light on the roots of her obsessions. In her quest to understand her mother s death in Nepal, Lara discovers the truth behind the legend of King Arthur s sword, Excalibur, as well as learning that her mother might not have died after all.

The Lara Croft 12 inch Figure features:

Fully articulated female body with 30+ points of articulation

Authentic likeness of Lara Croft Detailed signature outfit with tank top and shorts

Detailed arctic outfit with jacket and pants 3 pairs of interchangeable hands Backpack Pistols MP-5 Detailed belt with holsters Grenades Light Flare Grappling Hook Binoculars Headset 12-inch Figure stand w/ the Tomb Raider logo

Size: 12" H (304.8mm)*

Weight: 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*


Heath Hammond, Mike Najera, Trevor Grove, Jared Chapman, Tim Niver, Bernardo Esquivel, Mike Arbios, Jesse Lincoln Seth Rinaldi, Kevin Ellis.

Edition of only 1500 World Wide!

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