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Marseille Tarot Professional Deck (karty)

Marseille Tarot Professional Deck (karty)

This professional-quality deck is a must for those who need their cards to stand up to heavy use. The larger cards make the details of the images easier to see, and the high-quality card stock ensures a long life.

The Tarot of Marseille, one of the world s most important and influential decks, is a great choice for teachers and students alike. This deck is perfect for professional readers, workshop leaders, and people who appreciate a larger, more durable card. Readers will delight in this wonderful presentation of a familiar and powerful deck.

What is better than a Marseille Tarot deck? Our Professional edition presents the distinctive Marseille illustrations on larger cards, making it easier to see and appreciate details. The sturdy cards hold up to the demands of professional use, whether teaching or doing readings. This useful deck comes in a beautiful box, making transporting it safe and easy. 78 full colour cards & instructions.

Dimensions: 100 x 182 x 51mm |


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