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Sanji Sit On a Chair One Piece Anime Figure

Sanji Sit On a Chair One Piece Anime Figure

Soška Sanji vytvořená podle předlohy figurální řady the "Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece" Manga vycházející z japonské formy dějového vyprávění anime je vysoká cca 14 cm s detailním zpracováním.

Here comes the 1/8th scale "S.O.C" figure of Sanji from the One Piece franchise. It is the first item from Megahouse s newly launched "S.O.C (sit on a chair) line of its "Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece" brand.

The new line offers the One Piece character figures sitting on a chair in their relax mood. The Sanji figure is 140 mm-tall.

Eichiro Oda has made 2016 the year of Sanji in the One Piece Manga after the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates has not been in the spotlight all that much recently.

Of course, Megahouse joins in and brings us a brand new figure in the most famous collection of One Piece figures out there. This limited figure gets the Label Portrait of Pirates SOC.

Can anyone guess what that could mean? It is pretty easy, actually and stands for Sitting on Chair. Well, that is what he does here after all. Sanji also got a very cool pose and especially One Piece fans who always wanted to see one of the guys as a figure with a sexy pose really get their money s worth here. The statue shows him topless with one of his usual cigarettes in his hand. Add this terrific figure to your collection.

„Wealth, power and glory! The man who obtained everything was the legendary pirate king Gold Roger.“

This is the beginning of One Piece.

Monkey D. Ruffy who dreamed of becoming a pirate starts his journey at the East Blue on the search for a crew of his own. He himself ate in the days of childhood the gum-gum-fruit, a devilfruit. So he gained massive power, but lost the ability to swim.

On his voyage through the East Blue, one of the four outer oceans, he met the tomboyish Nami, the swordmen Lorenor Zorro, the storyteller Lysop and the kicker Sanji. With these comrades the Strawhat crew was formed and thanks to Lysop the ship Flying Lamb was added tot he pirates. Their goal: The Grandline also called the pirate grave. Just the one who can surpass this ocean and travel to the last island called Unicon can achieve the legendary treasure of Gold Roger, but only if the mysteries speak truth.

But what would be a piracy without enemies like the world government, the marine, the seven samurai and other pirates? The shonen elements of the series are mixed with comedy, stories about friendship and the everyday life of a pirate crew which makes it an enjoyable experience for every kind of audience.

So start into a world full of pirates and search for the legendary treasure of Gold Roger! Set sail!

Browse our awesome figurines of Ruffy, Nami and the others.

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