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The Book of the World (the most grand, elegant and most majestic ATLAS ever produced!)

The Book of the World (the most grand, elegant and most majestic ATLAS ever produced!)

The Rolls Royce of atlases -- the most comprehensive, beautiful, grand, and elegant atlas ever produced.

Without any doubt, THE BOOK OF THE WORLD is truly the most immense and majestic ATLAS ever seen, this fine book is indeed a complete spectacle!!.

When it comes to raw large scale mapping, none can compete with THE BOOK OF THE WORLD!!.

The scale of the maps in THE BOOK OF THE WORLD at 1:4 000 000 throughout it is main section is great.

Mapped in natural color with a three dimensional effect, it is almost as if you are looking at the Earth itself!!

Even the most remote regions of the world have gotten specialized attention!!.

ATLAS is truly immense, it is 24 by 14 inches and weighs about 19 pounds, it is as imposing as it is luxurious..

The largest and heaviest ATLAS of the world.

Loaded with stunning satellite and ground photographs, world statistics and crammed with themes, presented on thick glossy pages, you will experience the world as never before!!.

The entire world is right at your fingertips and you can go where ever you want!!.

If you want grand, elegant large scale mapping of the entire world, then look no further because this awesome ATLAS have it all and then some, very highly recommended to the person with such discerning taste.

Once discovered, you will agree that this is indeed the most grand, elegant and most majestic ATLAS ever produced!!

Weight: 19 pounds, year: 1999.

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